Breanne has six years of professional writing experience with her work appearing in New Jersey Monthly, NJMonthly.com, The Ocean Star, The Coast Star, Monmouth magazine, WellandGoodNYC and One Green Planet.

Endangered Zone (New Jersey Monthly)
Why Jersey Roads Suck (New Jersey Monthly)
5 Days, 40 Miles Along the Appalachian Trail (New Jersey Monthly)
The Ultimate Gift: A Story About Organ Donation (New Jersey Monthly)
Compounders Craft An Rx Just For You (New Jersey Monthly)
Death On The Water (New Jersey Monthly)

Ethos Primary Care Produces Powerful Medicine (New Jersey Monthly)
Voyage to Her Roots: Paterson Poet Maria Mazziotti Gillan (New Jersey Monthly)
Comic Inspiration (New Jersey Monthly)
For the Love of Books (New Jersey Monthly)

On The Frontline in the Fight Against Cyberterrorism (New Jersey Monthly)
Florham Park is No. 1 On Our List of Top Towns (New Jersey Monthly) 
Keeping the Watershed Clean (The Ocean Star) 

Crash Course: Judy Blume Revisits Her Elizabeth Childhood (New Jersey Monthly)
Probing the Dark Side of Digital (New Jersey Monthly)
On The Road To Spiritual Awakening (New Jersey Monthly)
Cherished Photo Opens Door to an Immigrant Family’s Past (New Jersey Monthly)
Learning About the Man Behind Bamberger’s (New Jersey Monthly)

Pension Fight Inspires Film (New Jersey Monthly)
Down on the Corner: When the Pharmacy Was the Coolest Spot in Town (New Jersey Monthly)
Net Gains: The History of Pound Fishing (New Jersey Monthly) 
Welcome Aboard: Commuting on the Hoboken Ferry (New Jersey Monthly) 
Page By Page: Behrman House in Springfield (New Jersey Monthly)
A Place To Grow: Opportunity Project (New Jersey Monthly)
Special Needs, Special Teammates (New Jersey Monthly)

10 Weirdest Jersey Town Names (NJMonthly.com)
9 Jersey Water Parks To Enjoy This Summer (NJMonthly.com)
10 Animals To Spot At The Jersey Shore (NJMonthly.com)
8 Jersey Events for the Bookish At Heart (NJMonthly.com)

115 Year Old Tortoise Marriage Ends in Divorce (OneGreenPlanet.Org)
Love, Sex & Mansplaining (Monmouth.edu/magazine)
Get Wild: New Series Showcases NJ’s Endangered Species (NJMonthly.com)
Prehistoric Journey to Secaucus Field Station: Dinosaurs (NJMonthly.com)

Quiz: Do You Know New Jersey? (NJMonthly.com)
Quiz: Sinatra at 100—The Jersey Years (NJMonthly.com)

Catching Ghosts (Monmouth)
Splash Brothers (Monmouth)
The Fruit of Their Labors (Monmouth)
Bot Man (Monmouth)
You Spin Me Right Round (Monmouth)
Of Mammoth Proportions (Monmouth)
The Voice of Her Generation (Monmouth)
Pipeline to Success (Monmouth)

*All articles written for The Ocean Star and The Coast Star are protected by a paywall.
The Trial Begins (The Ocean Star)
Not Guilty (The Ocean Star) 
Boaters Call For Stricter Laws (The Ocean Star) 
Referendum OK’d, Barely (The Ocean Star) 
County To Seek $2 Million For Twilight Lake Dredging (The Ocean Star) 
The Turning Point In Cleanup (The Ocean Star) 

New Jersey Bats: Hanging On (New Jersey Monthly)
Pothole Purgatory: Managing Those Road Menaces (New Jersey Monthly)
Watching Out For Cyber Threats (New Jersey Monthly) 
Dispelling the Myths of Organ Donation (New Jersey Monthly) 
Just What The Vet Ordered (New Jersey Monthly)
Tragedy Revealed A Loophole, Now Closed, In State Boating Laws (New Jersey Monthly)

The Danish Cafe (New Jersey Monthly)
The Cheese Cave (New Jersey Monthly) 

Artist Jim Inzero Uses Beeswax To Paint  (Freelance Interview Coordinator)




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