Why Jersey Roads Suck


Cover photo by George Steinmetz.

New Jersey potholes are no joke. Just ask Catherine Felegi.

A confident driver, Felegi, 26, travels 30 miles on state roads each workday from her home in Cranford to her job in Plainsboro and back. Last winter, Felegi and her parents had to replace five tires on their two Volvos, victims of potholes on those roads. Felegi says most of the damage was done on Route 130—a major north-south road through Middlesex County, where pothole after pothole pocked a construction zone.

Felegi remembers two craters in particular that she hit almost daily. Situated in the left lane of the four-lane thoroughfare—the lane she needed to be in to merge—the potholes were all but unavoidable. Swerve to miss the craters and you might cause an accident. Either way, it’s an expensive decision.

The family spent a total of $600 to replace the five tires. But it’s not just the money that bothers Felegi.

READ THE FULL STORY: Why Jersey Roads Suck (New Jersey Monthly)



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